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Guest Blogging Center also invites Technology journalists, Travel bloggers, Fashion Bloggers, Media & News Journalist and Digital Marketers to write as guest authors for us. It is-blog that holds the technology, Travel Stories, Fashion Ideas, digital marketing, SEO, mobile app, and web design knowledge of quality. So start writing for us to add your article to our guest blogging website.

We’re different from other rising bloggers platforms. The number of words in the text should be more than 1000 words. Only standard articles will be published. There’s no need to be an absolute writer and blogger, one more thing. Your written material should be published according to the guidelines of Google’s search console. Content should be concise and catchy with appropriate ways to help the user understand the post, such as Heading and subheading.

What’s the guest post about?

Guest post involves writing the article on someone else’s blog or website and posting it. Connecting with readers is the best path forward. It’s a way to bring your blog to a new audience and will boost the brand’s online presence. Guest posting is an off-page SEO method that can help your blog get the quality backlink.

Guidelines For the Guest Blog submission 

  1. Your article will be original and free from grammatical errors. It’s also written specifically for Guest Blogging Center.
  2. The title of the article should not be longer than 76 characters.
  3. The length of the content should be at least 1000 words and should cover the whole subject, each of us knows that no one likes half-cocked food. Also, if you want to add infographics, you must have 200 words of content to reflect the Infographics.
  4. Your content should not be published on another site. We will delete it immediately if we notice that you have posted your article on other blog pages.
  5. One thing you have to note is that if you have already applied your same blog previously, the guest blogging center does not consider that content again. You will have to follow the following blog guideline if you want to write for us. Carefully read the Blog Guideline.
  6. Send photos that are describing your post and it should be free from any Copywrite issue.
  7. In order to support your post, you are free to add video, you need to use proper video URL, please feel free to use the youtube URL.
  8. You can add one link to the author’s bio and another link in the body of the article. You can also add one social profile link that likes Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  9. We’ll take 2-3 business days to review your article and after that, we publish it, if it suits our guidelines.
  10. You can submit item(s) in the format “* .DOC,” “* .DOCX,” “* .TXT” or “* .RTF.”
  11. In order to make it natural, use only natural keywords in your post.
  12. I think that LSI keywords are better suited to make it more natural. You can use some resources to produce LSI keywords.
  13. Have a meta tag for an article about your guest entry. Meta tags will help increase the ranking of guest posts in SERP. So read the instructions from Google’s webmaster and submit title and definition. 

Guest Post-Editing

We have a team of professional content authors. They’ll first check your article and determine that your content will suit our blog guidelines or not. If not then they will ask you to change the article as they suggest. Without doing this, your article will not be published.