Why plan your holiday to Iceland?

Why plan your holiday to Iceland?

A holiday in Iceland guarantees stupendous touring, entrancing visits, and unparalleled feeling. Iceland is well known for an all-year vacation spot, however, the visiting season is mainly from the month of June to August. This is when one can go to the country’s highlands where the landscapes panoramic view is spectacular. However, the tourists visit decrease after the month of September, but there are various tourist attraction and adventure spots open after September. It will be an amazing experience for visitors to plan their holiday in Iceland. Iceland is also quite popular for providing great hospitality to travelers in terms of a warm and friendly welcome from the Icelandic people.


Here are the reasons why you should plan your holiday in Iceland:

Iceland Sightseeing

The Nordic island nation has almost all kinds of landscapes that are present in nature, also called as ‘Land of ice & fire’. Witnessing something on your own is the only way to accept something that’s difficult to believe! 603 miles from Norway, Iceland’s geology and barbed coastline are genuinely breathtaking. With a reasonable, light condition, each day will uncover shocking scenes and regular and man-made miracles that don’t exist in some other place. There are a lot of sightseeing places for your holiday in Iceland, a few of them are Vatnajökull National Park, Golden Circle, Snæfellsnes Peninsula.


Easy to reach

Iceland’s Keflavík International Airport, about 40km west of Reykjavík, is well-connected by a consistently increasing number of flights to Europe, the UK, Scandinavia, the US, and Canada. It’s also feasible to come to Iceland all year via sea route by means of the Faroese Superferry Norröna, which plays out a customary crossing of the North Atlantic.

Most travelers take flight heads from London to Iceland of about 2½ hours. The other most suited alternative locations are Norway and Denmark, from there it takes three hours to reach Iceland.


A trek around the outline of Iceland incorporates a remarkable 831-mile stumble on the Golden Circle Ring Road, starting from the capital city. You will see the transparent blue lakes, black sand beaches, amazing precipices, glaciers, endless waterfalls, volcanoes and Geyser, the most astounding gushing spring in Europe. Iceland has a way of life and culture that is absolutely one of a kind and takes pride in its uniqueness. There is no word for please in the local dialect. According to Icelandic mythology, 20 % of the population still believe in Elves.


Iceland cuisines

While the social exercises might be unsophisticated, but the Icelandic food is unparalleled. Fish dishes are crisp and colorful. Ordinary fish dishes like Asian crab legs, cod, sushi, lobster and “Plokkfiskur” and rarities, for example, whale, puffin or foal. Famous red meat indulgences incorporate unfenced sheep and the sheep wiener, the most well-known supper on the island.


Try Iceland’s awesome dairy items, including phenomenal cheeses and yoghurts from grass-sustained cows during your stay just as outstanding fish from clean waters. You will be glad to know that the water of Iceland rivers are pure and can be used for the drinking purpose.

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