Things to do in Iceland

Iceland, as we all know and seen in movies, is a gorgeous country with almost all forms of landscapes present in nature. The Waterfalls, Volcanoes, Glaciers, and Beaches are distributed beautifully all over Iceland. With the abundance of these dramatic landscapes, it becomes a must-visit place for all the wanderlusts and adventure seekers.

You may have visited places before with extreme beautiful terrains, but Iceland has to offer so many things more just from the beauty. The Icelandic people are very helping & friendly in nature, this you will find out in your 1-day trip to Iceland as they really welcome tourists with a warm smile. The place is not densely populated, so it has a very less crime ratio.

Iceland is also known for its diverse Music, Literature, and Art Culture. Iceland’s capital Reykjavik has a huge concert and conference center where you can have the privilege of enjoying live music. If you are a craft lover, this might go on your list of a 1-day trip to Iceland.

Things to do on a 1-day trip to Iceland:

Northern Lights

It is the best thing to see in Iceland if you’re visiting Iceland in winter. Northern Lights seem to appear mostly in the months from Nov- March. In this duration, Iceland is the prime hot spot to visualize these natural light show phenomena. There are various tour guides available there who can take you up for the Northern Lights hunt in the dark night. It looks surreal and breathtaking to have such a lifetime experience.


Whale watching 

Have you ever seen a Whale before? I guess no. If you want to take the experience of watching Whales and other faunas of Iceland, you should check out the details before going on a 1-day trip to Iceland. The most prolific time to watch whales is during the month from April to mid-October. There are different species of Whales found across the country but the most common is the beaked whale, the hump-backed whale, dolphins, and a few others.


 Volcano Caves 

If you’re coming for just 1-day trip to Iceland, visiting Iceland Volcano caves would be the best option to spend your time in Iceland. As Iceland is located in the mid-Atlantic region, so is the most active volcano region of the world. It is one of the few places where one can enter the magma chamber of the volcano. There are several ice caves in Iceland that are formed by solidification of magma, forming astonishing rocks both beneath and above the earth’s surface.

things-to-do-in-iceland-hikingPHOTOGRAPH BY GUÐMUNDUR TÓMASSON, AURORA

Ice Climbing & Hiking 

Iceland is a land of Ice & Fire. As the name suggests, Iceland has 4,500 square miles of glaciers across it. It becomes so obvious to have outdoor adventures like Ice climbing & hiking there. It is easy to find guides who can assist you in Ice climbing with all the types of equipment required. The best thing about Ice climbing is that it can be done throughout the year, whether you’re coming for a 1-day trip or a multi-day trip to Iceland.

Icelandic Foods

Are you a food enthusiast? Then, Iceland has got different dishes to satisfy your appetite. Nordic Foods are really delicious and preferred by many tourists coming to Iceland. The dishes that are found in Iceland are a mixture of their traditional cuisines with modern recipes. The most popular foods in Iceland are Skyr, Hangikjöt (smoked lamb), Kleinur, Laufabrauð, and Bollur. One more important thing about your trip is that you don’t need to buy water bottles there, as the place has an abundance of freshwater.

Blue Lagoon

There is nothing like experiencing the warm and rejuvenating water of the Blue Lagoon. It is just 20 minutes from Keflavík Airport and hardly 50 minutes from Reykjavík city, which makes it a must-go place if you’re coming for a 1-day trip to Iceland. Also, It is the best possible way to get rid of jetlags.

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